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I spy with my little eye something beginning with C

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

You've probably been there as a parent, grandparent, son, daughter, brother, sister, if you're of a certain age. Playing I Spy at school, home or on journeys. There is some sort of mental dexterity about the game, picking something not obvious like R in Scotland - with rain being guessed every time?

We're in an age now though where surveillance is far more sophisticated than a child's imagination.

You only have to do a Google search, like something on Facebook or WhatsApp a friend and those topics mysteriously appear in your social feeds!

If you've got smart speakers and smart devices in your home, Alexa, Google and Siri are listening intently to us 24/7.

ViewPro Tec are not here there to bemoan a lack of privacy but in fact remind you why privacy or security is so vital for your Glasgow business and / or home.

We all know that immobilisers and Thatcham Level 1 alarms reduced car crime across the UK when car manufacturers introduced these on new models, to combat theft. You may even have a dashcam propped in your vehicle to record and monitor and report any incidents.

At home, the old door knocker or letterbox lever to rap has been replaced by wireless door bells and more recently video door bells from the likes of Nest.

CCTV in Glasgow

CCTV is one of our many popular services. It has grown exponentially in recent years as insurance premiums for premises and homes have risen and our clients can see what a cost-effective deterrent a CCTV installation Glasgow can be. You not only have high quality footage recorded, but also peace of mind that when you leave work or home, you have a digital silent sentry on guard.

CCTV systems, like everything generally in life, have become more commonplace, more effective and have reduced in relative costs.

Our system options include a full range of state-of-the-art cameras.

  • Internal or external

  • Fixed or fully functional with pan, zoom and tilt

  • Vandal-resistant Cameras

  • Full Color Vu Cameras

You can read more about CCTV Glasgow here.

The next time you're asked to play I Spy on a journey, see if you can spot CCTV cameras beginning with C - and if you'd like to safeguard your premises, internally or externally, call ViewPro Tec today on 0330 332 5465 or email

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