Thermal Imaging


ViewPro Tec supplies the best thermal imaging and thermal screening cameras to UK businesses. Accurate detection of fever-like symptoms with up to ± 0.3º C accuracy.


Temperature screening thermographic cameras are designed for the detection of skin-surface temperatures so as to achieve rapid preliminary screening in public areas. Actual core body temperatures should be further confirmed using clinical measurement devices.


  • One second to detect the skin-surface temperature of a person

  • Multi-person detection simultaneously

  • Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact

  • Immediately alarming to notify operators

  • AI detection to reduce false alarms from other heat sources



Option 1 – Tripod Mount System

Ideal for a temporary checking location, tripod mounted and supplied with a laptop computer for viewing images and alerts.

  • 60 × 120 resolution (thermal), and 8 MP resolution (optical)

  • DE,3D DNR, and adaptive AGC

  • 40 × 480 resolution 3.5” LCD touch display

Up to five hours of continuous running
Temperature measurement range: 30°C to 45°C
Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.5°C


Option 2 – Fixed Turret or Bullet Camera

The fixed camera is capable of measuring up to 30 people at a time, the elevated temperature is notified by flashing strobe light and audible alert.

The system IS fully installed and supplied with network video recorder and 32” monitor to view live images.
Also connects to the monitoring software and the mobile app, with alerts, or alerts can be sent by email.