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What Access Control Systems do ViewPro Tec Fire and Security offer?

Access control means different things to different ViewPro Tec customers. It can cover a spectrum of capabilities including concepts and elements such as:

ID cards, Proximity cards and tokens, Mag-stripe swipe cards, Smart cards, Keypads, Biometrics, ANPR, Multi-site networking, Security doors, Centralised management, control and reporting, Remote access.

Whatever premises you occupy, your basic security provisions must include the ability to control who enters, where and when.

ViewPro Tec can incorporate a range of biometric devices into our access control readers. These can be used as the sole means of gaining access, or combined with a pin number or card to verify identity. Fingertip readers are our most popular product for their combination of convenience and affordability, but we can integrate with the technology of your choice to create a solution that meets your needs.

We can provide the skills and resources you need from design right through to Completion.

ViewPro Tec’s Access Control Solutions are adaptable and can grow to meet your changing requirements.

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