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Home & Workplace Charging Solutions


Commercial Solutions 

Attract and retain your clients with providing the option of EV Charging points at your business or workplace.

Offering charge points helps you attract the growing number of UK EV drivers as customers.

View Protec can provide a full suite of chargers, with a range of features and speeds.

EV drivers like charge points that are easy to use, locate and available when they need them.

  • Signage and bay markings help drivers locate bays / deter non-EV drivers from parking

  • Sufficient charge points are installed to meet driver demands

By 2030 almost all new cars registered in the UK will be electric

We offer every aspect of electric vehicle charging solutions, Our service provides every aspect of design, installation and management of your charging infrastructure. Our team of specialist trained installers will guide you through the entire process from beginning to end.


Drive your workforce into the Green era and become a forward thinking business for the future.


 It has been proven that businesses who provide the option of electric vehicle charging points provide a successful amenity and fit for purpose business solutions for both their staff and clients.

With the installation of EV chargers at your workplace; Staff can focus on their daily tasks whilst their car charges, removing added stress and pressure.  A business who strives to ensure their staff are happy and content during their working day will create a successful and motivated workforce resulting in increased output for your business.


Whether you require fleet charging, office charging or both, we can provide you with the full service from beginning to end. Take the first step today and take your business into the future with Viewpro Tec.

Domestic Solutions 

Did you know….By 2030 almost all new cars will be electric?

If you are a forward thinking, environmentally friendly individual who wants to save money on their travel expenses; electric travel is the option for you. 

Our team of trained experts will guide you through a variety of our products and guide you to the best fitting option for your home.

Our residential charging points are discreet and we ensure the entire process is seamless from beginning to end.


Get in touch today to see how ViewPro Tec could help you!